College Dorm Taken to the Fun Level

kid's bedroomGoing to college is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. High school graduates could not get there fast enough but there is more to going to college than studying or living away from the prying eyes of parents. For the first time in your life you will have to budget your money and clean and organize your room. In order for your stay in your college dorm to be enjoying and relaxing you have to decorate it according to your tastes so that you will not feel homesick or you actually want to stay there and study. [Read more...]

Why Play With Playstation?

Siblings playing video gamesPlayStation is named as the best console this world has ever had and this is not a baseless fact. The first PlayStation was the first console to ship 100 million units, the PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console until now despite the fact that it was released 14 years ago, PlayStation 3 though did not receive any distinction but still sold more 80 million units, and lastly, PlayStation 4 was named the fastest selling console in the world. So it is no wonder that most would prefer to buy Sony’s brand, including me. [Read more...]

Make the Best of Your College Life with the Help of Binary Options Trading

Hi there, my name is Gail DeGuzman, and I made this blog to talk about my experiences as a graphic design major. I have been in college for more than a year now, and all I can say is that it has been one heck of a ride. Actually, no, I have a lot of things to say – that’s why I started a blog, after all. Duh! Anyhow, in today’s post, I am going to focus on one thing only: binary options trading. As a college student, I already have a lot of expenses when it comes to school and my dorm. Because of this, I need a fair bit of extra money to be able to afford all my “extraneous” expenses. Luckily for me, binary options trading is now widely available. By doing binary options trading, I am now able to live comfortably even though I’m still in college. Of course, I also have to mention that this wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the fact that I use the best binary options trading platform.

Now, you might have heard of people who didn’t do well in binary options trading and were set back financially as a result. I’ve only got two things to say about people: (1) they didn’t take the time to learn the ins and outs of binary options trading and/or (2) they worked with a brokerage that’s actually a scam. The 2nd case is more common, FYI. People aren’t diligent enough to do their research on  which binary options broker is actually the best for them, and this results in them not being able to make the most of binary options trading. I’m not like these people. Before I got into binary options trading, I already did my research. This is how I ended up deciding to work with Banc de Binary. Through my work with Banc de Binary, I am able to earn thousands of dollars of extra money a month.

Just what exactly do I spend the extra money I earn on? A lot of different things actually! For one, all of money for when I’m going out with friends comes from my binary options trading income. I don’t have to spend any of the money my parents send me when I’m going out with friends. Also, I use the extra money to buy new clothes – lots of them. Through binary options trading, I never fail to update my wardrobe and make myself feel more fabulous.

Hopefully, this post of mine will end up helping the many college girls out there who are having a hard time because of their limited finances. If there’s one thing I have to tell freshmen, it’s that they shouldn’t worry too much about their finances, that is, if they’re doing binary options trading. So long as you’re 18 and are actually willing to do a little bit of extra research on the side, you can make great money off binary options trading consistently. You just have to make an effort to make it work for you, really.

Getting out of the Block

thinkGraphic artists, just like writers, also get the occasional artist’s block. This is when the brain has dried up innovative and creative ideas for a project. When this happens, do not push too hard or stress it out, relax and rest for a while. This may be a simple advice but it works all the time, sometimes what we need is just a little rest. An activity to do while resting your creative side of the brain is watch movies; and what better movies to watch than those that awaken your creativity. Here are some of the most graphically enriched movies to feast on:

Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams

Dubbed as one of the greatest and most influential director in the history of movies, Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams is a colourful, imaginative and mind-boggling movie about the director’s own dreams. He wrote the whole screenplay alone as this was a personal project. It had eight dreams in it; the story did not have a progression in it rather it was just a compilation of brilliant and dazzling imagery. It also showcased different historical facts and cultural beliefs of the Japanese.

Doug Pray’s Art & Copy

Art & Copy was a movie about advertising. This is a very good movie since it delves into the minds of the advertising creators that have influenced millions of households all over the world. Before the 1960s, advertisements were seen as mediocre and unimaginative but a wave of thinkers changed all these. Nike’s Just Do It was born in this era and until it is still Nike’s catch phrase, along with this are the taglines “I love NY” and “Think Different”. This movie would truly awaken your creativity and longing to be different and better.

Lars Kraume’s Advertising Rules!

Also known as Commercial Man, this movie is about 3 different but interconnected people: an aging man, a wealthy girl and a desperate young man. Because of his desperation the young artist, Viktor, copied the idea of Rosa, the wealthy girl, for a company ad. Kiminsky, the old man, is also part of the ad campaign and so he and Viktor developed father-son feelings for each other.  Rosa and Viktor also developed romantic feelings. This movie is mainly about the unseen and dirty side of advertising where ideas are stolen, works are plagiarized and the authors are not well lauded for their efforts.

These are just three movies to watch when feeling stressed out. These will inspire, make you wonder and make you laugh with the antics of the creative world.